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Whole Body Vibration" is a principle that has come over from science. An automatic stretch reflex is generated in the body by means of the mechanical vibrations of a plate. It therefore reaches 100% of the muscle groups without you having to move. With traditional training methods this is only ..
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The XC-140 takes X-training a level higher for an entry-level rear runner.This machine is what other ellipticals strive to be: a quality machine built to last and to provide a comfortable elliptical workout.The elliptical motion is about as smooth as it gets, and talk about quiet: even whe..
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DKN Elliptical Cross Trainer XC-160i DKN Elliptical Cross Trainer XC-160i
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The semi-commercial style XC-160i elliptical cross trainer. A solid 20 kg flywheel, 54 cm stride length, impact-free motion, 32 magnetic resistance levels and 12 pre-programmed workouts...
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The XC-190 combines a zero-impact elliptical exercise with the ability to walk or jog without impacting the joints. This kit offers excellent benefits for your training session.With the XC-190 elliptical, you can practice one of the most complete exercises. In addition, this type of exerci..
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Compact, easy to handle and store away, designed for regular use, to keep your cardiovascular system in top.The toe strap non-slip pedals help provide a smooth ride with no slipping.Its low front entry also makes this bike a perfect match for people who need initial rehab.The M-460 is a great statio..
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The Pro-1 is built for the discriminating cyclist with its flawless construction.The triangular frame is designed and engineered on the proven next generation platform design for added overall stability, and is equipped with 4 independent floor levelers for easy adjustment on uneven f..
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Ergonomic design: The M-470 features a simple, sturdy ergonomic design with a smooth, comfortable motion that fits a wide range of body types. A simple, sturdy ergonomic design with a smooth, comfortable motion that fits a wide range of body types.The M-470 is equipped with a manual-magnet..
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DKN R-320 Rowing Machine
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The better build quality rowing machines tend to be quite expensive, especially when you are looking for those extra features that will add to the comfort, convenience and motivational programming. Smooth vibration free movement, stepless resistance adjustment, count display, etc… The R-320 Air Rowe..
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The R-500 rowing machine has been designed with the serious user in mind. Featuring a dual air/magnetic resistance system the R-500 blends these different resistance methods to produce the best of both worlds. The air resistance element guarantees a true rowing feel; the harder you pull, the more re..
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The RB-4i recumbent exercise bike is not only incredibly stylish looking with its sleek and classic easy step through design, but the reworked ergonomic design makes it perfect for longer workouts with reduced chance of injury.The  heavy 11kg flywheel produces a consistent, smooth and..
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The AiRun-C V2 is a full-feature treadmill that perfectly matches those with limited space. It can be folded fully flat vertically or horizontally to be stored under a bed.Powered by a continuous duty 1.5 horsepower the AiRun-C V2 offers a speed of 15 kph.The deck is well cushioned, provid..
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Provided by DKN Technology, the Whole Body Vibration Trainer is an easy to use, safe and effective exercise machine that provides users with a full body workout. By utilizing vibration technology, the Vibration Trainer Pro  Trainer helps increase blood circulation, energy levels ..
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