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Brand: MoVeS
The Mambo Max Dynadome is a half sphere, inflatable exercise dome. This versatile product enables the user to perform exercises on both sides of the product, allowing it to be used for a full body work-out as well as for balance exercises. Basically it’s Mambo Max’ economical answer to the BOSU syst..
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Brand: MoVeS
The Mambo Max Jumping Fitness Trampoline is equipped with bungee cords and a handlebar. Bungee cords protect and support joints and ligaments by providing a deeper and gentler bounce...
Ex Tax:315.00€
Viki AquaJump is one of the most popular Aquatic Fitness Gear which will help you return to shape. Octagonal structure made from 100% stainless steel have been designed specifically to provide the best stability during the training. In addition, they can be stocked easily thanks to folding possibili..
Ex Tax:730.00€
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