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Resistance Training

Take your sprint power to another level with this highly versatile training tool.Power Drag Bag adds resistance to sprint and drill work to build strength and explosive powerAdjustable and comfortable padded vest attaches to an adjustable tether and heavy-duty weights bagWeights bag features integra..
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Multi-directional swivel allows rotational exercises and presses for core strength training, as well as stability and rotational strength and upper body mobilityGraphite Metallic, with a unique textured paint finish, which makes rack more resistant to wear and tear damage.Weight 22.5kgBar holder len..
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Supplied in graphite grey and matte black as standard For use with the Core Plate and Portable Core Trainer..
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Develop acceleration, sprint speed and increased power output.Proven resistance training tool to increase speed and power for sprinters, team sports people, and numerous other sports and activities54-inch chute provides resistance, while a quick-release buckle allows mid-run ‘over-speed surges’Mesh ..
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A strong core not only helps improve power and balance, it can also help decrease the likelihood of injuries. And nothing looks better than a strong, lean mid-section.The Lifeline Power Wheel delivers a series of intense exercises that challenge your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes. You'll even..
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Build speed and strength plus improve sprint economy with this impressive stretch cord/adjustable belt combo.Strengthen fast-twitch muscles for short bursts of strength or speedProvides progressive resistance for athletes of all fitness levelsIncrease explosiveness by challenging glutes, quads, hams..
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