Not everyone needs to actively resurfacing their skin, but it seems like the radiance and glass skin trend makes more and more people eager to renew their skin cycle (let a trained professional guide you, if you actually need it first).

Resurfacing is the future of healthy skin. At a young age our skin cycle works perfectly fine, just like a clock; getting older though our collagen production slows down, wrinkles show up, firmness is not at its best and radiance is not its most glowing condition (but these are not necessarily bad things, age brings knowledge and elegance, right?)

By reviewing the skin cycle we can beat all the above and get a more radiant, clearer skin. (Please don’t over do it, and use your SPF!)

Exfoliation is the use of a scrub 1 to 3 times a week. It could be a granular scrub or an enzymatic one (goes on just like a mask) or a product that has exfoliating properties and can be used every day (better to use in the evening). Nothing wrong with using a scrub weekly, just pick the right one for you.

Nowadays we can find products with very active ingredients, like AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid), BHA (salicylic acid), Retinol (vitamin A), in different concentrations and percentages that can safely be used from all all types, even from people with sensitive skin. (These ingredients can help with acne scarring, pig¬mentation, hyper-pigmentation, radiance etc…but please don’t obsess with it, If you don’t actually need to use these products. You can have radiant skin in so many other ways).

The target should be healthy skin, and we should always get advice from someone that has the knowledge to prescribe these products and/or treatments.

Don’t take us wrong, we love all these fancy acids and we are blessed to have probably some of the best in the market in our brand collection. Actually we do (says who? ... clinical trials and results baby).