Here at RELIA we believe that a good Aes¬thetician needs to be communicative, needs to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments and technologies, and also needs to find their niche within the aesthetic community. 

Initiating dialogue is key to creating a rela¬tionship and understanding what exactly a client needs and hopes to achieve. Consul¬tation is key, therefore you should expect an Aesthetician to listen to you, tune into you and understand your needs and wants. Professio¬nalism is integral, even in a relaxed environ¬ment clients rely on an Aesthetician to create and maintain a certain professional boundary while still being friendly and communicative so that they can relax and fully enjoy a treatment. 

A good Aesthetician will never stop learning, but always work hard to stay abreast of the latest advancement in skin care treatments as well as the development of new products that may be beneficial to clients. Staying up-to¬-date with the times and being open to lear¬ning new techniques is one of the qualities of an aesthetician that care for their clients and is interested in their trade. 

Successful aestheticians find treatments and services with brands that are passionate about, and work hard to become experts in those.

Consequently, a good aesthetician may not be able to provide a client with a wide array of treatments; but the services they do provide will be consistently excellent. 

When an aesthetician finds their niche and what they are passionate about, they will be able to care for their clients more aptly and provide specialised treatments that they are confident about. It is impossible for an aesthe¬tician to be good at nails, good at facials, good at body treatments, good at massage, good at make-up, good at extractions…etc…so make sure your Aesthetician is not just good, but Excellent. Remember finding your Niche is one of the core successes in our field.

Oh and last but not least, show love to your Aesthetician, cause she cares, she loves you and she misses you too.