Staying connected with others has been more important than ever during 2020. Whether its regular calls or Zoom quizzes, we’ve all relied much more on digital to feel part of something beyond our front doors. Myzone is no different – the built-in social feed has always created a community of like-minded people that cheer each other on no matter where they work out.

Karen Platt loves the community aspect of Myzone and sharing her exercise experiences with colleagues and friends; “I check into Myzone on Facebook and join in the workouts and note the workout tips,” she says. “I take part in the monthly Myzone challenges and group targets, which are fun and keep us all working together.”

With gym closures happening all over the world, Jeremy Knihinicki from Countryfit Health and Fitness was forced to improvise. “I managed to adapt to not being at the gym by recycling an old bike to get it up and running again.” But it wasn’t just the equipment of the gym that Jeremy missed, he also felt a sense of accountability when he logged on. “I honestly find it impossible to work out without the belt; I train by myself in the city and Myzone self-motivates me to push myself better and harder every time.”

It’s never been easier to feel part of the Myzone squad – because we’re all stronger together.

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Keep moving forward!