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Strength Training

The most durable of all our Jordan dumbbells, our urethane dumbbells will not scuff or mark any other surface in your gym. Available in heavier weights than our Jordan rubber dumbbells, they are perfect for heavy strength training, CrossFit and bodybuilding alongside classic joint-isolation exercise..
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The 4-Section Shiatsu Sponge Folding Pads is specially designed according to the requirement of some of our clients, it's suitable for knee sitting massage. Compared with traditional massage table...
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The rubber hex dumbbells will get you improving your strength and building up muscles, toning and power. The hex design not only looks modern but serves to increase safety as they won’t roll away when you place them down between sets. They are made with strong solid steel handles and cast iron heads..
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DKN 6 Pairs A-Frame Dumbbell Rack
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The A-Frame dumbbell rack is a handy piece of equipment for all gyms and will store 6 pairs of chrome or rubber hex dumbbells. The steel construction and bolt-together design make the storage rack strong and durable, and the non-slip rubber feet both secure the rack in place and protect the floor fr..
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DKN Cable Cross Over Multi Gym
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The DKN Cable Cross Over Multi Gym offers multiple upper and lower body exercises within a compact piece of gym equipment. The dual side pulleys offer a wide range of workout options, with the possibility to customise and design training sessions. The wide range of exercise options make it the ideal..
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This Power Rack suits for all types of barbell exercises. This solid structure is designed to go along with the heaviest squats or presses. The squat racks and spotter bars are easily adjustableBar hooks can be moved to position inside or outside the cage and bar catchers can be adjusted to your des..
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Heavy duty steel construction frame.Contoured upholstery with a high density padding for durability and comfort.In addition to dumbbell training this bench can be used with a power cage or a smith machine and adjusts quickly and easily to Incline, Decline, Flat or Military positions.Reinforced const..
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DKN Floor Mat 140 x 100 cm
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The DKN-Technology floor mat provides very good protection for gear and floor, and is suitable for all fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, ellipticals, power racks, etc.....
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This Ultra Thick High Density mat is made to shield the ground underneath your gym equipment from scratches and dents.The mat measures 100 x 200 cm, and is 8 mm thick.It's made of Superior Quality PVC, waterproof, easy to clean and ideal for use with treadmills,elliptical cross trainers, exercise bi..
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DKN Olympic Technique Plates 10kg
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Full size, slimline Olympic Technique Plates available 10kg, perfectly designed for improving Olympic lifting technique lifts.Light weight material technique discsFull size [450mm diameter] for correct techniqueDurable one piece constructionFor use with Olympic Lifting Platform..
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DKN Smith Peck-Deck / Lat-Low Pulley for Smith Machine. The Solid Guide rods are hard chromed and placed at a 7 degree pitch to align with your natural body movemen. Linear bearings ensure the bar moves with silky smooth precision whether your training involves faster explosive movements o..
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DKN Squat Rack -Tower
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The DKN squat tower allows you to perform squat strength exercises on your own without the need for a spotter. The squat tower can take any user height and the total weight of 150kg (330lbs), which means that it can be used for Olympic weight sets...
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